Thanks to the support of constituents and friends across the region, I have been able to serve in the Maryland General Assembly. Over the last 13 years, I have always voted my conscience placing my constituents’ best interests above anything else. As I promised 13 years ago, my votes have reflected fiscal conservatism combined with a great concern for protecting open space and saving the Chesapeake Bay. I continue to remain an independent thinker, placing policy before party.

I believe in both sharing my views on specific issues as well as my long term vision for the state with voters. At the same time, I want to foster a dialogue and hear from others on these very same issues. Hearing from you about your priorities for your family, community, and our state is always appreciated. I am just an email or phone call away and I encourage you to share your thoughts, opinions, and concerns regarding issues important to you. Additionally, if I can ever be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

West Towson Elementary Career Day

West Towson Elementary career day from a few months ago. Was fun interacting with the students. Many were interested in the Presidential Race.




Loch Raven Technical Academy Career Day

Several weeks ago I had the pleasure of speaking with so many bright students about government (and of course some politics). I’ve been participating in Career Day for several years, and it’s wonderful to watch many of the students grow over the years.
Loch Raven Technical Academy Career Day April 2016

Perks of the Job

One of the perks of being a State Senator is being able to spend time with amazing people.
Samuel Wilmot James Brochin  Phillip Groh

Community Mediation Maryland

Community Mediation Maryland stopped by this morning to talk about their services to help provide constituents with an affordable, high quality community mediation service. I’ve directed constituents to them in the past, and they’ve been helpful http://crcbaltimorecounty.org/